Behind the scenes of the BABOU & DALLY music video in collaboration with one of the pioneers of Senegalese urban music FATA EL PRESIDENTE on the track « DARA XEYUL SOTI » which is one of the fare tracks of the album « LOGIC ».


It is a video that will surely make noise because of the richness of the lyrics and the authentic content described as a story drawn from real facts in the daily life of a normally happy couple; and yes you have understood that love is what making buzz nowadays … it is in many languages ​​… French, English, Arabic, Bambara … to name a few.



Like « MOVE ON », the video of « DARA XEYUL SOTI » was shot in New York, USA.

« LOGIC », the new album was released a few weeks ago. BABOU & DALLY will soon resume onto the road just after the blessed month of Ramadan with the release of this new music video.



Here are the scenes of the shoot. We can see the atmosphere that already announces the beauty of the realization.


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